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Email Login and Control Panel Upgrade Information

This email is to notify you that we are upgrading your #DomainName to our new domain control panel on
Sunday June 21st at 2:00am EST.

Note - No changes are required at this time. However, you must make changes on Sunday Morning or you will be unable to login to your email accounts.

PLEASE READ these few lines because it will affect your email. YOUR MAIL PROGRAM WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK UP MAIL on Sunday morning unless you make a change in the settings of your mail program AFTER the upgrade. The way in which your email program (Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird, etc,) needs to be set up will be slightly different. If your email user is 'info,' it should to be changed to info@#DomainName AFTER the upgrade.
After you make the change in your mail program shut it down and start the software again.

Use your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS for the user name to login
(use lower case letters - example info@#DomainName)
Email Password - will stay the same
The URL for webmail will also stay the same:

Last year we launched our new domain control panel. The time has come to upgrade your hosting account to our new domain control panel and to provide you with even better performance and functionality. Since last December many of our clients have upgraded per their request. These free upgrades will provide you with faster page loads and an easier to use Control Panel with many more tools. You will also have much more disk space and bandwidth at no additional cost. Additionally, there is much better spam control with this upgrade.
This is a FREE upgrade. There are no charges to upgrade your site to the new domain control panel, and there is no increase in fees.

Below are a few of our upgraded features:

- Improved spam protection and tools
- Faster email and page downloads
- Much more disk space and bandwidth at no extra charge
- Free domain parking
- Free sub domains
- 3 webmail programs to read your webmail
- Easy backups and restores
- Secure SSL webmail and domain control panel login
- If you have several domains all billing will be under one easy account
- Free blogs, shopping carts and bulletin boards installed via Fantastico
- + Lots more!

At this time we have moved your DATA only (web pages etc., but not the domain) to the new domain control panel. At the above date and time we will first update your mail files and databases and then move your domain to the new control panel. There is no down time when we make the upgrade. We will leave your old domain control panel and webmail account open for about about 5 days after the above date.

Below are your account details, including your user name and password to access your control panel, webmail, and FTP for the #DomainName. Please take a minute to review. Several of the old control panel items listed will not be relevant for some users.

Login AFTER your domain has been upgraded to the new control panel

Domain Control Panel login: http://www.#DomainName/menu
Username: #UserName (see user name note above)
Password: #password

Once the upgrade is completed this weekend you will be required to use your full email address as your email 'user name' in account settings in all mail programs including Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Entourage, Webmail, etc...

Incoming mail server is a POP3 server
Incoming mail (POP3): mail.#DomainName (do not change)
Outgoing mail (SMTP): mail.#DomainName (do not change, you might have other info from your internet provider)
E-mail Username: Change user name to the full email address.
(Example: if your email address is 'bill' you need to change it AFTER the upgrade to bill@#DomainName (use lower case)
Email Password: (do not change, it stays the same)

Use your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS for the user name to login (use lower case)

Web mail login information AFTER your domain has been upgraded to the new control panel.

Example if your email user name is 'bill' you now use bill@#DomainName to login. Your password does/did not change.
If you do not remember the password please login into the new domain control panel and use the 'Mail Accounts' manager to reset the password.

FTP Information AFTER your domain has been upgraded to the new control panel

FTP Hostname: #DomainName
Username: #UserName
Password: #password
Server name directory: public_html

Note: the 'public_html' is the directory where all your current web site files are residing. If you are modifying your site upload/publish into public_html directory.
(it was domainname-www - However, to simplify things we will setup a link that points domainname-www to public_html once the upgrade is complete.)

Billing information
Our new billing/client portal will be active by Tuesday of next week.


If you encounter a problem please send an email to aaron@qssolutionsinc.com and we will resolve it ASAP


We appreciate you entrusting your hosting needs to thehostgroup.com and we work each day to earn your business. We look forward to serving you even better in the future.

Thank you,
Support Team
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