Domain transfer by fax for domains registered with Network Solutions    

Q: It's great that Network Solutions is so careful about who they will take modification instructions from, but I'm the registrant and none of my contacts are available to make the modification I need. How do I make a change?

A: Network Solutions recognizes that there will be occasions when the contacts on your domain name record won't be able to make the changes you require; for example, a contact who was employed by you left your company, or perhaps your old ISP is not cooperating with your instructions to them.

In these types of situations, Network Solutions will make the requested changes if the registrant submits a faxed letter of authorization.

If the registrant wants to change the registrant's address, replace a contact or change name servers, the first thing to do is complete a Service Agreement modification request. After you send it to, we'll send you an automatic reply, acknowledging our receipt and providing you with a NIC Tracking number.

Second, create and send us a fax authorizing us to process the changes in your e-mailed request. Your fax must include the NIC Tracking number we sent you. We strongly recommend filling in the blanks on the fax authorization letter you can find on our Web site, or using our blank form as a model to create your own letter.

Then, send your fax to (703) 742-9552. Please retain your fax transmission receipt. If you need to contact us about your fax, we will need to know the date and time of your fax, as well as the fax number from which your letter was transmitted.

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